S3Edge delivers all the components needed for a fully functional system including the hardware, software, documentation, customization and ongoing support.  The turnkey systems we delivery can be grouped into the four general categories:

    • Asset tracking
    • Remote inventory visibility and management
    • Discrete manufacturing
    • Warehouse operations

Any given system typically includes features from several categories depending on the client’s specific business needs. Key features common to all the solutions are that they:

    • improve item-level inventory visibility
    • reduce labor costs by eliminating error prone and expensive manual tracking and data entry activities
    • reduce exception processing costs due to errors by detecting and reporting material processing errors at the point they occur when they can be most easily corrected
    • improve accuracy and timelessness of information by linking directly with existing back-end systems of record
    • include client-specific logic to seamlessly integrate with existing material processing flows
    • include client-specific logic to ensure compliance with established standard operating procedures
    • become a mission critical part of running your business that is available 24 x 7 once deployed

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