S3Edge is a one-stop source for your RFID and barcode process automation needs.

S3Edge was founded in 2008 and is located in Portland, Oregon.  We have an experienced team of senior system architects and software developers with a proven track record of delivering enterprise software products at organizations including Intel, Sequent, Webridge, and Click-commerce/Huron. Passionate about the promise of Auto-ID technology to change the way businesses interact with the physical world, S3Edge prides itself in being an industry leader in successfully deploying turn-key, mission-critical RFID and auto-ID solutions that track the movement of items within and across organizations.

Products and services offered

The products and services available from S3Edge include:

  • Consulting services
    • Supply chain business process engineering
    • Information system architecture and design
  • Package Software
    • S3Edge Spotlight Software – a framework for developing RFID and auto-ID tracking systems
    • “Starter” solution for selected industries
  • Professional Services
    • Installation, integration and deployment services (training, documentation, etc.)
    • Customization and configuration services for customer-specific business logic including linkage to existing back-end systems
  • Ongoing Annual Support
    • Telephone hotline
    • Bug fixes, service packs, and feature releases for the packaged software
  • Optional RFID hardware, tags, scanners and mobile devices from leading manufacturers
    • Fixed, handheld, and vehicle mount readers and scanners
    • RFID tags and supplies
  • Optional Hosting Services
    • For cloud-based deployments

Getting started

An engagement with S3Edge starts with an initial phone call or email.  We’ll follow up with a  web conference call or face-to-face meeting to discuss the key business objectives for the system and provide recommendations for the approach to be taken.

S3Edge will then develop and present a draft statement of work that includes:

  • recommendations for technology and hardware devices to be used (readers and scanners, tags, mobile devices, etc.)
  • the proposed solution architecture
  • a draft project timeline with key milestones and deliverables
  • an estimate of the total project cost including software licenses, professional services, hardware devices and tags and ongoing annual support

Once finalizes, the statement of work provides the basis for a set of business agreements that are put in place before proceeding with the project kickoff.

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